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You can register and attend the scheduled live Unbound conference to be presented on March 22-23, 2019, by filling out and submitting a conference registration (by mail) by clicking either the Unbound or the Got Junk image below). Each image will allow you to download a flyer with conference information which you can copy, print off and distribute to church members and friends who might with to attend. (Online registration is not yet available). 

At the live conference you will experience the teachings of Neal and Janet Lozano which undergird the ministry of Unbound and will also be offered the opportunity of a prayer session on Saturday afternoon before the conference closes that evening. 


If you are interested in learning the principles of Unbound so that you may grow in your own personal prayer ministry you can also schedule yourself for advanced Unbound ministry training by attending the Unbound Boot Camp ministry training prior to the scheduled live conference. This training can lead to the opportunity of participating as a team member during the Unbound ministry prayer offered at the live conference. 

​The Unbound Boot Camp training regiment is both intense and extensive and requires that you read and study materials related to undertaking this Unbound ministry training opportunity. Perhaps, of greater importance, such training also permits you to offer Unbound ministry in other various ministry settings following the conference including planned ministry outreaches.  

Following the initial day of training (01/26/2019) an additional day has been scheduled for a personal prayer ministry opportunity prior to the live conference. Currently this event is scheduled for Saturday February 2, 2019 with the time to be deternined. 

By clicking on the Unbound Boot Camp flyer image below and downloading the the related registration flyer you can review the scheduled dates for this training and the costs related to the purchase of the required study materials. There is no separate registration fee to attend the Unbound Boot Camp training events. The